Premium Cocoa

from Papua New Guinea

Carpenter is one of the region's Top 5 exporters of Cocoa.
We are engaged in the entire value chain of Cocoa growing, processing, and exporting directly, and globally.



Who we are?

Carpenter Estates is one of the Top 5 exporters of Cocoa in the region. Nearly a century of history, we started our Cocoa plantation in the Rabaul District of Papua New Guinea's Southern Coast Belt. We are engaged in the entire value chain of growing, processing, and exporting directly, and globally.

Papua New Guinea

Madang, Lee

Buka - Bougainville

Arawa - Bougainville

Rabaul - East New Britain

Wewak, Maprik

Solomon Islands




Why are we RELIABLE?

Multiple Cocoa Origin & Strong Logistic Line

Sustainable Cocoa supply from Papua New Guinea PG & Oceania's Solomon Islands SB Vanuatu VU. We own 1,500 hectares of Cocoa plantation in PNG  as well as constant supply from our regular Cocoa planatation partners in Solomon Islands & Vanuatu. There a few domestic & international boutique chocolatiers that produce & market chocolate specifically form "Epi" & "Malekula" that have won awards for favour & quality. Notable examples are Solomon Gold from NZ & Gaston Chocolate in Vanuatu. Also, Carpenters Shipping is a part of our group, which gives us the advantage in delivary efficiency. 

Why are we we so CONFIDENT?

We have an average of 40 to 60 regular Cocoa plantation partners at every buying point in our 3 main Cocoa origins. In addiction, we provide truck pickup services & also support the local collectors twice a week. The Cocoas will then be  processed  & stored carefully in our warehouse. To conserve the quality of our Cocoa, we ensure our dried Cocoa is placed on the pallet in a cool environment during the storing & shipping process. Quality control is assured as we will check the moisture of the Cocoa wuth the certified Aqua Boy Moisture  Tester before & after the  Cocoa is loaded on the cargo. Also, we will ensure the weight for each jute bag stays at the standard weight, 63.5kg. Rest assured as our entire warehouse & Cocoa anssessors are trained & certified by the Local Cocoa Board at the every buying point. The average Cocoa production/export volume per annum of Carpenter Estates is 4,000 metric tonnes. Custom shipping solutions are available tailored for your unique needs.

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What other services do we provide?

We provide in-house shipping, when we provide the shipping arrangement, allowing fast & efficient delivery direct to your designated location.